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  • Explore the regional diversity of Colombia. With diverse topography and weather, Colombia offers cyclists a wide variety of routes, from high-altitude mountain climbs to rainforest routes and flatter coastal circuits.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a beginner, tailor-made options are available for every rider.
  • Uncover the magic and natural beauty of Colombia while riding on two wheels around the most charming corners of this amazing country.
  • Allow yourself to be delighted by our unique culture while enjoying the best of personal riding challenges, astonishing landscapes, unique gastronomic bites and dishes, charming cities, villages frozen in time, and fascinating people.
  • Colombia is also the birthplace of renowned cyclists worldwide.
  • Cycling is widely practiced as a sport and hobby by Colombians.
  • Only recently have foreign travelers discovered it as a cycling destination.

Enjoy this paradise by exploring its regional diversity
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The most famous museums are now available online. The best tours, great video quality and very knowledgeable guides.


Explore 1 - 7 Day Cycling vacation packages

Medellín and East of Antioquia Camp

Discover one of the most beautiful mountains, diverse landscapesand vegetation, while heading to a magical arrival point anddestinations. Visit unique villages and colonial towns that will blowyour mind. Admire the architecture, while trying a local dessert thatwill boost your energy.

Coffee Region


Enjoy riding in the magical place of beautiful mountains and breathtaking views, where the best coffee in the world grows. A land of green hills, blue skies and an amazing average temperature of 26°C the whole year.

Letras Experience

This is an AMAZING route, the longest climb of the world, a very, verylong climbing of 80Km at an average slope of 4%, including amaximum grade of 11%.



Ride any day in one of our regions, choose the ride of your choice from our brochures or contact us for specially designed rides.



You won't find a better cycling product in Colombia. Our hotel offers the best experience, with all the comfort, quality, service, and care for your bike. We pay attention to every detail throughout your experience. You'll also have access to the best spa in Colombia as part of your stay, snacks for the routes, laundry service for your cycling clothes included in the package, and a recovery room with Air Relax and recovery massages that will elevate your biking experience to another level. There are no routes in Colombia more beautiful than ours, with the perfect mix of stunning landscapes and difficulty levels, making you want to come back even before you leave!​

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Explore the regional diversity of Colombia.

Visit the most beautiful places even if you are busy or just too lazy.

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