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Welcome to our MovichCycling FAQs! Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or embarking on your first adventure, we understand that questions may arise. In this section, we've compiled answers to the most commonly asked questions about our cycling tours. From trip logistics to equipment recommendations, we're here to provide you with the information you need to make the most of your cycling experience. Browse through the questions below to find the answers you're looking for.

1. When and where will the cycling camp take place?

We have different camp dates scheduled. If there is availability, we can schedule exclusive camps for our clients.

2. What is the duration of the camp, and how many hours of cycling per day?

The duration of the camp varies according to the objectives of the camp. Normally it ranges from seven days to one month.

3. What level of cycling experience is required to participate in the camp?

We do not require a specific level. We recommend doing it with people that have a similar sports performance. We can adapt the camp to meet our client's needs.

4. Are meals and drinks included during the camp?

It varies according to the requirements of the group. Our package includes breakfast, snacks, and hydration on the route.

5. What kind of equipment and accessories do I need to bring to the camp?
You should bring protective gear (helmet, goggles, shoes, and pedals) and appropriate clothing for the altitude.
6. Is there any age requirement to participate in the camp?
We don't have a minimum age requirement. However, minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
7. What kind of training and activities are carried out during the camp?
High altitude training. Accordingly to the requirements, we can adapt the camp to the customer's objectives.
8. Is any type of health or travel insurance provided during the camp?
Yes, travel insurance is included in the package.
9. In case I can't bring my bike, can I rent one?
Yes, we have different bikes available for rent at $55 per day.
10. If I am not a very experienced cyclist, can you design a route adjusted to my level?
Yes, we customize the routes so that they are according to the needs of our clients.
11. If I go with my family, do they have activities to do while I am riding?
Yes, we have a program for non-cycling companions so that everyone can enjoy their stay.
12. Can I join a camp that is scheduled already?
As long as there are available spots and it is not a private event, it is possible to join the camp.

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