By Altos Cycling & Movich Cycling.


8 days

7 nights

6 rides


5 days

4 nights

3 rides

Come train for the most amazing fondo event in Colombia, the Giro de Rigo, by Rigoberto Urán, the most popular and one of the most accomplished cyclists born in Colombia.

The Giro de Rigo is a once a year event that gathers thounsands of Cycling enthusiasts in a new undiscovered destination every time.

In this occasion the event will go from Bogotá to the near town of Girardot in the Banks of the Magdalena river, to race the fondo and try and catch Rigo. After the fondo, we haven´t finished, since we will ride to climb Alto de Letras, the mythical longest climb in the world and finish near Manizales and amazing city that sits in the top of a mountain.

The half week option starts in Bogotá and ends with the fondo in the town of Girardot.